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Sep. 22nd, 2012 11:12 am
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Hello! This morning I'm bringing you a music meme. It seems all my efforts have been wasted by going out of voice before the actual recording, anyway this is what has come out! XP I apologize with all the gourmets! orz XDb

Links if you can't see the video: 1, 2.

Meme and lyrics under the cut! :D )
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Yay, guys! I know I promised very long ago I wouldn't have made tests anymore, but what to say? I would like to finish my fancomics/stories, but my inspiration doesn't want to come back, so I just hope this can somehow turn me into a better mood! \orz
I took this from [ profile] black_lacie's journal, thank you! Then I would like to apologize with all the persons that are waiting for my next fan works, I'm very sorry. m(_ _)m
the test under the cut )
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Sorry, my friends, you have just lost your chanche of a quick and painful death: seeing my face! XDDD

From now and on it will remain a private property! There is some masochist Person around!

Now I'm busy to change all my passwords! Kill the pig! \om
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Yesterday I have had a little dose, but it seems he have done more bad effects than better… today my mind is totally clouded… @_@

Interesting day, today! Waken up in the middle of the night (such a news), the guy didn’t show up. No more able to sleep, then. >.<

In the morning I left home and it has been the most terrible moment: my “nice” neighbour (a kind of perv like France) and his bad habitude to listen to music at the radio totally loud! And among all the existing songs, which was the one on air? My usual good luck! -.-

Noooaaarrgh! )


Feb. 19th, 2011 11:57 pm
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Sorry, not able to write or translating, this evening, so, only wordless music for you, guys! ^o^ ♪♫
Yay! )
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Alla fine, dopo aver riguadato il video non so quante volte, ho capito cosa c'è scritto nella schermata finale:IlFuturoAbbraccio... )

OMG O__o

Jan. 24th, 2011 04:12 pm
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I have always liked this song, by the first time I heard it, but I'd have never, never thought about a thing like this! This is even better than the normal version, this tecnique reminds me a bit of Virgilio... well, sorry, this doesn't make any sense... Xp >.> XDDDDD
But it's just a great piece of art! "Walking Shade" reverse version! )
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The old year was going to finish and I had a lack of inspiration plus a bad writer's block. when I'm in those conditions I tend to waste my time.

Is this debatable? )
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