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I'm Isoya Manami but the most of people calls me simply "Manami." I like music, art, nature, pink and violet. My favourite food is pasta (strange? Yeah, I'm Italian... -.-;;;) and my favourite drink cedrata (well, I love sweet things! >.< It's actually a citron based drink but it has a lot of sugar in it).

The series I like most is currently Hetalia, as anyone could guess by this layout. I'm following this manga by almost two years, even if I have read a lot of other ones before this. But when I get addicted to some series I tend to concentrate my attention only to that one. I'm really a simple minded, so don't worry if sometimes I can appear a little of naïve.

This is the journal where I post some of my drawings and sometimes a bit about my RL. If you want to follow the art, feel free to friend this LJ, the entries are public, the only warning is that a lot of them are R-18 rated, but it's always indicated in the title. You can find other drawings if you follow the links in the sidebar. If you like, feel free to add me to your friend-list!!! 

Thanks for reading! ♥
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Dear guys, how is it going with your things?
Some while we don't see on this blog. Although all my good forecasting, positive thoughts, etc, my businesses have kept on rushing and rushing… orz

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Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all fine. :D

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Hello, guys! *hugs*

I finally find the time to post a couple of the pictures I took for Epiphany this year, I have been actually able to eat Bissola, I think they were two years or so… orz
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Feb. 9th, 2013 07:10 pm
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By this mornig. This time it's higher that my usual... orz

I hug all of you, guys. =A= *no risk of contagion by the web mean*
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I really wish a fantastic 2013 to all of you, my friends!!! <333

(Finally I have been able to post, troubles with the site, today... orz)
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Hello, beautiful people! <333

Today I'm presenting you the gifts I received yesterday during the party with my relatives! ^o^
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Hello, my friends! ^o^ It's almost midnight, here, so...

I wish a Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, guys! ♥
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Hello, guys!

I've finally left the hospital!

Thanks for all, my dear friends, it has been a great encouragement! ^o^ ~<3
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Hi, people, I hope you are all fine! ^o^

This evening I’d like to present you a typical pastry of my place, called bissola. The name probably won’t tell anything to almost anyone, either to those Italian friends that aren't exactly from my same city.
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Hello! ^o^

Today I'm bringing a meme it was while I had to do. Here the original post. :D

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Hello to everyone! :D

I think this is the last time I update about this fanart, this is more a post to thank all the ones who helped me with suggestions and encouragement! You are all awesome, guys! \^o^/ And eventual opinions are still welcome! \o
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Hello, people! :D

This morning the troubles with my appliance were solved! I’m very relieved now! \o

So I remember I had a still to take some picture of a monument for this meme I left incomplete. So, given I was so near, I thought to go to Padua, it was a lot of time I didn’t go there. ^o^ All fine, except for the fact the picture I had to take has become a photoset. orz The result anyway under the cut.
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