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Dear guys, how is it going with your things?
Some while we don't see on this blog. Although all my good forecasting, positive thoughts, etc, my businesses have kept on rushing and rushing… orz

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Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all fine. :D

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Hello, guys! *hugs*

I finally find the time to post a couple of the pictures I took for Epiphany this year, I have been actually able to eat Bissola, I think they were two years or so… orz
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Feb. 9th, 2013 07:10 pm
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By this mornig. This time it's higher that my usual... orz

I hug all of you, guys. =A= *no risk of contagion by the web mean*
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Hello, beautiful people! <333

Today I'm presenting you the gifts I received yesterday during the party with my relatives! ^o^
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Hello, guys!

I've finally left the hospital!

Thanks for all, my dear friends, it has been a great encouragement! ^o^ ~<3
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Hi, people, I hope you are all fine! ^o^

This evening I’d like to present you a typical pastry of my place, called bissola. The name probably won’t tell anything to almost anyone, either to those Italian friends that aren't exactly from my same city.
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Hello, people! :D

This morning the troubles with my appliance were solved! I’m very relieved now! \o

So I remember I had a still to take some picture of a monument for this meme I left incomplete. So, given I was so near, I thought to go to Padua, it was a lot of time I didn’t go there. ^o^ All fine, except for the fact the picture I had to take has become a photoset. orz The result anyway under the cut.
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Hello, again, people!

This time for hopefully more happy matters. ;D

Today I had a lot to study, in fact tomorrow I have the meeting with the professors for the selection, in that moment I will need all your sustain, even only with your thought. Well, maybe it sounds odd, but here we do in this way! XDb

So my progresses with the WIP have been slowed down. I’m still thinking how to set up for the back ground in the mean time, I started to colour their clothes (hoping that it can gives me good hits on how to colour the background) and make some modification to the lineart, following your suggestions. Still a bunch of thanks to all the people that are helping me! ç_ç
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Hello, to everyone, to reply to "help request" of [ profile] gravitybeams, I'm taking part to the meme she started here. :D

I haven't found a picture of a monument, I will make up for it the next time, sorry. >.<;;; The three pictures under the cut.
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Thank you, this has been funny! ^o^
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Hello, again, guys! :D

I continue to update on the work in progress of my fanart, my little way to thank all the ones that are helping and encouraging me. Sorry, if I'm spamming your page... orz

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Hello, guys, a long time without posting, sorry! >///<

Not too many things have happened it the mean time, anyway.
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Hello, I just wanted to wish all of you to enjoy your holidays/vacations!
At the end my graduation has gone fine.
See you soon!
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Ai shiteru!!!"

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It's a message I have to write by a long time, almost a month, I'd want to say "happy birthday" to [ profile] yamikisara , she added me when mine was only a blank journal, she showed too much faith. Lately I have been very in trouble with a lot of things, so I continued to procrastinate again and again. I'm very sorry!

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-Warning for words.-
È da ieri che vorrei dirti una quintalata di cose, alla fine ho deciso di riassumere (allungando il brodo).
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