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Hello, beautiful people! <333

Today I'm presenting you the gifts I received yesterday during the party with my relatives! ^o^

From left to right: a bag freshener with its fabric to tie it inside the bag, a pink bracelet made of copper they say to have even therapeutic properties, and a ring with Swarovski crystals. >w<

The following one is instead a box of chocolates I received from my friends some days ago, fell free to chose your favourite! ♥ If you aren't sure, tell me and I'll check the booklet, DIT: you can check the pages of the booklet here: 1, 2, 3! and don't worry they are an homage directly from my heart!

It seems that sadly this year I won't be able to take part to the Cenone for the New Year eve... well, I will have more time to spend with you, guys, and anyway I wish a lot fun to the people that will have the luck of having one, and again Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
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