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Hello to everyone! :D

I think this is the last time I update about this fanart, this is more a post to thank all the ones who helped me with suggestions and encouragement! You are all awesome, guys! \^o^/ And eventual opinions are still welcome! \o
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Hello, again, people!

This time for hopefully more happy matters. ;D

Today I had a lot to study, in fact tomorrow I have the meeting with the professors for the selection, in that moment I will need all your sustain, even only with your thought. Well, maybe it sounds odd, but here we do in this way! XDb

So my progresses with the WIP have been slowed down. I’m still thinking how to set up for the back ground in the mean time, I started to colour their clothes (hoping that it can gives me good hits on how to colour the background) and make some modification to the lineart, following your suggestions. Still a bunch of thanks to all the people that are helping me! ç_ç
Some more colours... )

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Hello, again, guys! :D

I continue to update on the work in progress of my fanart, my little way to thank all the ones that are helping and encouraging me. Sorry, if I'm spamming your page... orz

WIPs and a bonus drawing rated T for a kiss )
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Hello, guys! I hope is going fine! :3

I still have this flu that doesn't want to pass, in the mean time I tried with the USUK assignment... as always I have a lot of doubts, so if you have some suggestion it's the welcome. I can't post a full-size version, I hope the ones under the cut are enough. :D

Sketch )
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Hello, guys, a long time without posting, sorry! >///<

Not too many things have happened it the mean time, anyway.
Drama and memes uned the cut... )
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