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Dear guys, how is it going with your things?
Some while we don't see on this blog. Although all my good forecasting, positive thoughts, etc, my businesses have kept on rushing and rushing… orz

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Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all fine. :D

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Hello, guys! *hugs*

I finally find the time to post a couple of the pictures I took for Epiphany this year, I have been actually able to eat Bissola, I think they were two years or so… orz
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Hello, again, guys! :D

I continue to update on the work in progress of my fanart, my little way to thank all the ones that are helping and encouraging me. Sorry, if I'm spamming your page... orz

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I'm crying because you aren't here,
but if you were here I would cry more.

May '12, Padua.
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Hello, guys, a long time without posting, sorry! >///<

Not too many things have happened it the mean time, anyway.
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Yay, guys! I know I promised very long ago I wouldn't have made tests anymore, but what to say? I would like to finish my fancomics/stories, but my inspiration doesn't want to come back, so I just hope this can somehow turn me into a better mood! \orz
I took this from [ profile] black_lacie's journal, thank you! Then I would like to apologize with all the persons that are waiting for my next fan works, I'm very sorry. m(_ _)m
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It's a message I have to write by a long time, almost a month, I'd want to say "happy birthday" to [ profile] yamikisara , she added me when mine was only a blank journal, she showed too much faith. Lately I have been very in trouble with a lot of things, so I continued to procrastinate again and again. I'm very sorry!

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It seems I'll stay around this world at least a bit of time. So glad of my luck this week! The first day of Spring is today for me. Well I'll have another visit the next week, I yet don't know the date, but the doctor says that part of my body is totally healthy. ok, I yet knew, my only real troubles are with my right knee, my respiratory system, a heart valve and my brain XD, but I have them from a lot of time, so I neither consider to have them. And above all they aren't deadly. That doctress saying that I had some kind of thing since ten years without knowing... well... She had just made me thinking about some strange thing eating my whole body... ^^”

Today the doctor neither noticed when I confessed "my real disease", so mean! "Not important details", he seemed to think. I suppose someone of you yet know that my beloved uncle is a doctor too... any time we talk he makes me diagnosis and any time the result is the same: this is madness. He is so right, folks! Today, his sister (my aunt), the one that at first involved me into this event, messaged me, and when I explained the things, she was all proud I have been able to manage this thing by myself. So wrong, guys! She doesn't know, that I have never been alone in all this, thanks to you! Thanks for all your support, it has been fundamental!


Mar. 24th, 2011 07:45 pm
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It seems the guy understood that sentence in his way, but me, the same evening, I have got the real meaning! Ok, no more Italian on this journal, at least leave me to say "good bye" to my Feli angel friend the only very close Italian friend I made by this internet thing! <333

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By the way, from now and on, any time I will write even also a single word in Italian in this lj, I'll be sure to translate it at least into English! I can't assure for French (that pervy perv, lol)! I won't use anymore my dialect, I speak it yet enough IRL! (wow, two masks fallen at the same time! °O°)

My destiny is really ironical, today: lj doesn't loads pages (I really don't know if I'll be able to post this and I fear if it will be, it'll spend the last bit of luck that remains in my life!), the crudles are impossible to reach and I have a really huge mass of data to put on Excel within tomorrow in the morning. Today we have picked up a lot of materials for experiments, during our trip. And my Prof gave me the great honour and responsibility to bring them home with me... omg, I really fear to lose someone of those... I'll have to be very careful! °-°" Anyway today he told me I am an accurate person, they were years none said it to me... TT~TT Maybe still from my previous life... I can't neither remeber...

Plus I can't really find a way to watch a movie, suggestions? ^o^

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