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Hello, again, people!

This time for hopefully more happy matters. ;D

Today I had a lot to study, in fact tomorrow I have the meeting with the professors for the selection, in that moment I will need all your sustain, even only with your thought. Well, maybe it sounds odd, but here we do in this way! XDb

So my progresses with the WIP have been slowed down. I’m still thinking how to set up for the back ground in the mean time, I started to colour their clothes (hoping that it can gives me good hits on how to colour the background) and make some modification to the lineart, following your suggestions. Still a bunch of thanks to all the people that are helping me! ç_ç
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Hello, to everyone, to reply to "help request" of [ profile] gravitybeams, I'm taking part to the meme she started here. :D

I haven't found a picture of a monument, I will make up for it the next time, sorry. >.<;;; The three pictures under the cut.
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Thank you, this has been funny! ^o^
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Hello, again, guys! :D

I continue to update on the work in progress of my fanart, my little way to thank all the ones that are helping and encouraging me. Sorry, if I'm spamming your page... orz

WIPs and a bonus drawing rated T for a kiss )
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Hello, guys! I hope is going fine! :3

I still have this flu that doesn't want to pass, in the mean time I tried with the USUK assignment... as always I have a lot of doubts, so if you have some suggestion it's the welcome. I can't post a full-size version, I hope the ones under the cut are enough. :D

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Hey, guys! Another personality test, again snatched from the very nice journal of [ profile] speadee! Thank you! :3
This time it's not Hetalia-related but very funny the same, it has been hard to remember certain facts correctly, so I apologize if it may result a bit inaccurate!
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Music meme

Sep. 22nd, 2012 11:12 am
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Hello! This morning I'm bringing you a music meme. It seems all my efforts have been wasted by going out of voice before the actual recording, anyway this is what has come out! XP I apologize with all the gourmets! orz XDb

Links if you can't see the video: 1, 2.

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Hello! Another meme, yeah! Thank you very much to [ profile] speadee and all the funny ones she is posting lately! ^_~

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Author: [ profile] isoyamanami
Characters/Pairing and Fandom: USUK from Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for full nudity.
Summary: England is possessive/protective but America shouldn't know. Settled in Durham, the city of 'Billy Elliot'.
Author's Notes: Reference here. Also on Pixiv, tumblr, and dA.

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I'm crying because you aren't here,
but if you were here I would cry more.

May '12, Padua.
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Hello, guys, a long time without posting, sorry! >///<

Not too many things have happened it the mean time, anyway.
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All the links to my works, with descriptions, ratings (a lot of R-18), and previews. They depict principally male/male relationships, main parings USUK and (eventually) GerIta from 'Axis Powers Hetalia'.
Enjoy! (And if you want to know about the last updates, everything you need to do is to follow this page on tumblr.)

FanartsFancomicsOther fanworks
(Gifs, papercrafts, fanwriting)

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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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Yay, guys! I know I promised very long ago I wouldn't have made tests anymore, but what to say? I would like to finish my fancomics/stories, but my inspiration doesn't want to come back, so I just hope this can somehow turn me into a better mood! \orz
I took this from [ profile] black_lacie's journal, thank you! Then I would like to apologize with all the persons that are waiting for my next fan works, I'm very sorry. m(_ _)m
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