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Dear guys, how is it going with your things?
Some while we don't see on this blog. Although all my good forecasting, positive thoughts, etc, my businesses have kept on rushing and rushing… orz

This is again about the experiment I was describing in one of the previous posts, when the bigger part of the preparation was going to be done. I thought it were done with it already two weekends ago. Clearly there have been troubles because otherwise it wouldn't be me, but fortunately all solved, gotten help by the other coworkers. I reasoned with calm and I understood the matter didn't subsist. v.v;;

After a first part, I have been added of a second one to do, so I have continued also two weekends ago (only on Saturday anyway). For the rest it was only daily routine, by then. Or at least it’s what I thought, in fact, the moment of analyze the results of the first part had already come, and that one, I admit, is the harder part of the work because any subunit has to be completed in a single day, and it is long. -.-;;

Before I finished all the subunits I have gotten a third round to prepare, so it is now just a matter to manage the various tasks together, by alternating them. That’s how it has resulted into being even more business than before, between measuring and storing. The collecting of all the data from the various combinations is proceeding, anyway, and I hope to put all of them into a Excel file as soon as possible. *o*

In parallel to this, that’s my main activity, I’ve started to follow other monitoring, like two species of moths that are other types of pests of the maize. owo Then I’m helping to follow the high of the groundwater by a piezometric test in the farm when I have been assigned. This is actually very close to what I aspired at the time of the university, but I was never good enough to achieve decent results in my study of this discipline, that is typical of the places where I'm from, although it has a wide range of different applications, particularly important in the mountains places. \(^///^

In addition, we took part to a day of conferences at the Garda Lake, it lasted until so late that I had to sleepover to a coworker, fortunately she had an extra bedroom in their house. orz XD

Well, no use to say that, with all these things, after catching up with LJ, I have lost my step again, along the whole last week truth be said, so same warning that in the previous post about my replies or comments coming randomly. A bit better with tumblr, the worst matter is deviantArt, where it is all a never-ending WIP. Today I have had a lighter day with business, so I’m trying to fix something up. :D

From tomorrow I will start to work in the two places every day, in the morning where I was before, for following a series of laboratory lessons, and coming back in the afternoon to my habitual place for completing the tasks I said about above… well, but don't worry, I won't abandon you, I constantly continue to follow the fandom and the friends page everyday! This month I have in my mind to complete the drawing for my first request, depending on how I will succeed or not, I could attempt this experience again… well, I would need a nice “good luck,” people! *hides*

Ok, I’m wishing you the best with all your projects anyway, I hope to hear from you very soon! ^o^

See you soon (with the drawing, hopefully >.<;;)! <333

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Date: 2013-05-08 06:25 pm (UTC)
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It seems kind of nice that you get to work with nature and while this work seems fulfilling, it seems busy and tough! It's great to see you keeping your spirits up.

Hang in there and, yes, the best of luck to you! We'll be right here if you need to celebrate, vent any stress, anything.
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