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Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all fine. :D

I'm sorry for the ones who were waiting for the drawing of March, this time it is giving me a lot of troubles with the background. I hope I can get out of this block very soon, I really like this drawing I'm making. >w<

For the rest I have to apologize with all of you, it is true I follow your posts with the phone, but I have an hard time to write from the mobile browser while at work. I’m afraid to be unable reply to your comments or your posts the way I was used some time ago… but I try to keep up by time to time, so don’t worry if it happens you to receive my replies or comments even later, they anyway will arrive, don’t worry. I have kept up with DeviantArt and a bit with tumblr so far, so never lose the hopes! \o

I still need to hold on for some weeks, the huge of the work I have to do is here at the beginning, then it will be mostly routines and I will get hopefully more relaxed, also in my fandom and online activities. orz I have now changed the location of my work, I am in a farm now, I was in a office before, same owners. Anyway I’m closer to my town, just 20 minutes now, and it is better also because I can reach the place by train instead of bus, far less troublesome for my car sickness. I’m still in a standby with the assignment of my desk, for the moment I’m mostly in the lab and is a bit of a trouble when i have to do the informatics part of my work. The task is hard, or I should better say the tasks (given how many they currently are), but I like all of them. :3

I hope we can hear soon! See you, guys! <333

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Date: 2013-04-02 03:34 pm (UTC)
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Oh! Good luck with work! Life seems to be getting a tight grip on all of us. Just focus on readjusting and don't feel bad. What's good is you're enjoying what you do... <3
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