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Hello, guys! *hugs*

I finally find the time to post a couple of the pictures I took for Epiphany this year, I have been actually able to eat Bissola, I think they were two years or so… orz

There were three models in the shop where I went, you can see them below: the horse (el cavalo, Veneto dialect), the Befana (the classic shape of Bissola) and the old man (el vecio, Veneto dialect):

The second one is also the one I bought and which shows in my delicious icon. It was too good to eat it after so much time, awww… PX

About my health, in the mean time they have arrived the results of the histological from the surgery I had in December and the results were all negative, then I was also visited and the doctor told me the healing of the inner sutures has gone ok! ^o^ For the rest my last flu has still to completely pass but I hold on… orz

Fandom, now. The last month I has finished the USxUK Secret Santa, I finally received my so longed gift, a wonderful nyo!talia by the very talented Stephyhime, were I you I would go to give her some love on the comm.! :D

And it seemed to me almost a miracle that I have been able to complete my first GerIta drawing, I haven’t any idea on how many months I took for it! Thanks for all your encouragement, as always, guys! >.< (note: I made some modify to the post for the ones who saw it the first days. :D)

Then, about the work topic, I have taken part to the interview for the contest I had sent my documents for, the one for the reduction of the chemicals on the culture of maize. I didn’t win it, but the participant who did renounced to it, so they assigned the job to the second one and they proposed to me another contract with similar characteristics, with founds put by a research factory. The bureaucracy is taking long for it, anyway I have good hopes it can be made in the next couple weeks. :) I’ve in the mean time started to learn how to do this work, I’m enjoying the thing and also the coworker are all very capable. \o

The bad side of this is that I have far less time to pass on the web with you guys, I’m very afraid, and I’d like to apologize if very often my comments and relied arrive randomly or very late… m-.-m I always try anyway too keep updated on all your post and very nice and heartwarming messages by the phone. Thanks to all of you for being my dear friends! <333

See you soon! =7= ♥

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Date: 2013-02-26 10:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yum, those bissola look tasty (and pretty!)

Glad to hear your health is going better. I'm sending you good thoughts! And congratulations on getting that contract. Good luck with it!

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Date: 2013-03-02 11:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm a bit late replying, but haven't had a chance to look at LJ until now - sorry! I'm glad to hear you're healing well and that your health is good, that's the most important thing. Seeing as these news are a bit old, how are you feeling now?

Also, those bissolas look amazing, I remember you talking about them! I wanna eat them but they look too pretty to eat!

How are things going with that job you applied to? How is the work training going? =)

Hahaha, welcome to the world of not having time to spend with folks online! On the other hand, it makes your rare moments on the internet appear fascinatingly amusing!
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