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Hello, people! :D

This morning the troubles with my appliance were solved! I’m very relieved now! \o

So I remember I had a still to take some picture of a monument for this meme I left incomplete. So, given I was so near, I thought to go to Padua, it was a lot of time I didn’t go there. ^o^ All fine, except for the fact the picture I had to take has become a photoset. orz The result anyway under the cut.

The day was a bit foggy this morning, not a rare occurrence during this season here. This was from the bus.


Cappuccino was very good, but I hope to sleep this night! XD orz


A door to a room of the bar where we went so many times to eat during my thesis… ;_; I had never seen it closed, and neither noticed it were there. But isn’t it nice?


These are some shots of S. Sofia. It’s very closely surrounded by other buildings, but you can see it by a lot of angulations.

IMG-20121026-11099 IMG-20121026-11100 IMG-20121026-11102 IMG-20121026-11103 IMG-20121026-11106 IMG-20121026-11147

The book shop where I go this year, they sell only manga here. Does someone go to Lucca or other comic fairs in this period? They have also tons of gadgets and drawings of the costumers.

IMG-20121026-11107 IMG-20121026-11111

This are the neighborhoods of the place where I celebrated for my graduation, behind Palazzo Bo.


A fresh graduation right at the exit of the Bo. Music and jokes from relatives and friends.


Her is used to make funny posters like these when someone gets graduated.

IMG-20121026-11095 IMG-20121026-11096

And the new graduated read the poems on the posters just outside the building, while the relatives sing “Dottore, dottore…” and continue to make jokes. XD


Palazzo della Ragione is right in front of the Bo.

IMG-20121026-11116 IMG-20121026-11121 IMG-20121026-11122 IMG-20121026-11123

One side of Santa Maria dei Servi (the inside isn't very clear, sorry!).

IMG-20121026-11126 IMG-20121026-11128

And now, going towards Prato della Valle!

IMG-20121026-11129 IMG-20121026-11130 IMG-20121026-11131 IMG-20121026-11132

The vision is very closed until few meters before.

IMG-20121026-11134 IMG-20121026-11136 
IMG-20121026-11137 IMG-20121026-11141

On the background you can see S. Giustina. Finally I headed towards the basilica of Saint Anthony. \o


And it was already time to eat: pizza! It nicely tastes of oregano here, yeh! \^o^


When I arrived home, it was raining! *o*


I have gone a bit on with the background in the fanart, as soon as possible I will post some WIP.

Well, I'm now quite tired, I think I'm going to bed, goodnight, guys! ♥

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Aaah, Italy is so lovely! *__* Thanks for posting such pictures.
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